ADS Full Form in Hindi

Full Form Acquired Demyelinating Syndrome
Category Medical >> Diseases & Conditions

विज्ञापन (ADS) का फुल फॉर्म

ADS का मतलब मेडिकल शब्दावली में एक्वायर्ड डिमाइलेटिंग सिंड्रोम है। यह एक प्रकार का विकार है जिसमें नसों को ढकने वाली सुरक्षात्मक परत क्षतिग्रस्त हो जाती है या ठीक से काम नहीं करती है। एडीएस के कुछ सामान्य लक्षण हैं –

  • मांसपेशी में कमज़ोरी
  • दृष्टि खोना
  • इंद्रियों से संबंधित परिवर्तन

All Full Forms of ADS:

Term Full Form Category
ADS Air Defense Section Military and Defence
ADS Amphibian Discharge Site Military and Defence
ADS Active Denial System Military
ADS Acupuncture Detoxification Specialist Alternative Medicine
ADS Astrophysics Data System Astronomy & Space Science
ADS Alliance Data Systems NYSE Symbols
ADS Active Directory Service Software & Applications
ADS Aitken Double Stars Sports
ADS Advanced Distributed Simulation Military and Defence
ADS Adaptive Diagnostics System Military and Defence
ADS Arm Developer Suite Softwares
ADS Attitude Determination System Space Science
ADS Advanced Design System Software & Applications
ADS Application Development Software Military and Defence
ADS Associated Document Sheet Military and Defence
ADS Air Defense Systems Military and Defence
ADS Army Defence Studies Military and Defence
ADS Adaptive Damping System Automotive
ADS Automated Data System Military and Defence
ADS Advanced Distribution System Military and Defence
ADS Average Dollar Sale Accounts and Finance
ADS Applied Digital Solution Softwares
ADS Alternative Delivery System Healthcare
ADS Autocad Development System Softwares
ADS Asynchronous Data System Computer and Networking
ADS Adjoints de Sécurité[Security Assistant] Police
ADS Automated Dynamic Shear Physics Related
ADS Alternate Data Stream Data Storage
ADS Ada Package Specification File Type
ADS Application Development System Softwares
ADS Amplifier Design Service Electronics
ADS Almost Difference Sets Maths
ADS Automatic Dice Server Sports
ADS Advertisement and Discovery of Services Networking
ADS Analytic Data Set Softwares
ADS Dallas, Addison (tx) Airport Code
ADS Associate Development Scheme Job Title
ADS Atmospheric Diving Suit Tech Terms
ADS Automated Driving Systems Automotive
ADS Air Defense Sector Military and Defence
ADS Almost Dry Suit Sports
ADS Attack Defend Support Military and Defence
ADS Alternative Depreciation System Accounts and Finance
ADS Advertisements Marketing
ADS Anti Diphtheria Serum Uncategorized
ADS Anti Dacoit Squad Uncategorized
ADS Auto Disable Syringes Uncategorized
ADS Authorised Dealers Uncategorized
ADS Adi Dharam Samaj Uncategorized
ADS American Dialect Society Uncategorized
ADS Air Defence Ship Uncategorized
ADS Automated Dependent Surveillance Uncategorized
ADS Anaerobic Digestor System Uncategorized
ADS Atta Dal Scheme Uncategorized
ADS American Depositary Shares Uncategorized
ADS Anti De Sitter Spaces Uncategorized
ADS Antidiscoloration System Uncategorized
ADS Area Development Scheme Uncategorized
ADS Accelerator Driven Systems Uncategorized
ADS Assistant Directors Uncategorized
ADS Aligned Documentation System Uncategorized
ADS Analog And Digital Systems Uncategorized
ADS Approved Destination Status Uncategorized
ADS Air Data Subsystem Uncategorized


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