AFL Full Form in Hindi

  • Full Form: Lotus 1-2-3 Font File (for Always)
  • Category: File Type

एएफएल(AFL) का फुल फॉर्म

AFL(एएफएल) का मतलब क्या होता है?

यह पृष्ठ विभिन्न श्रेणियों में हिंदी में AFL ka fullform के बारे में है: Regional Organizations, File Type, Chemistry, Electronics, Messaging, Space Science, Airport Code, Sports, Internet, Hardware, Technological Organizations, Architecture & Constructions, Music, Football, Tests, Air Transport, Hospitals, Fashion & Lifestyle, Military, American Football, Instruments & Devices, Journals & Publications, Companies & Corporations, Diseases & Conditions, Airport Codes, Programming Languages, Politics, Environment & Nature Organizations, Games & Entertainment, Martial Arts, Universities & Institutions, Baseball, Arts Associations, Astronomy & Space Science, Tech Terms, आदि, और एएफएल शब्द से संबंधित अन्य महत्वपूर्ण जानकारी भी।

AFL(एएफएल) का फुलफॉर्म in File Type – Lotus 1-2-3 Font File (for Always) है

AFL(एएफएल) के सभी फुलफॉर्म के लिए नीचे दी गई तालिका देखें।

All Full Forms of AFL:

you will see all full forms of AFL in Hindi in the following table. Please note that all definitions are listed in popularity-wise.

  • Army Of Free Lebanon (Regional Organizations)
  • Animaflex Rubberflex Animation File (File Type)
  • Aluminium Fluoride Litate (Chemistry)
  • Amps Full Load (Electronics)
  • Alt Fan Letterman (Messaging)
  • A Free Lunch (Messaging)
  • Autoland Flight Tests (Space Science)
  • Alta Floresta (Airport Code)
  • April Fool League (Sports)
  • All Fun League (Sports)
  • Anime Fantasy League (Internet)
  • Auto Film Loader (Hardware)
  • Association For Leather (Technological Organizations)
  • Above Floor Level (Architecture & Constructions)
  • Flûte Alto (Music)
  • Australian Faggots League (Regional Organizations)
  • Australian Football Leagues (Football)
  • Absolute Fluid Loss (Tests)
  • Actual Flight Level (Air Transport)
  • Artificial Limb (Hospitals)
  • Air Field Lighting (Air Transport)
  • Altflöte (Music)
  • Flauto Contralto (Music)
  • Available For Launch (Fashion & Lifestyle)
  • Air Force Laser (Military)
  • Amateur Football League (American Football)
  • After Fader Listen (Instruments & Devices)
  • Alberta Federation Of Labour (Regional Organizations)
  • Academic Free License (Journals & Publications)
  • Assigned Flight Level (Air Transport)
  • Above Finished Level (Architecture & Constructions)
  • Audio Facilities Limited (Companies & Corporations)
  • Adolescent Family Life (Regional Organizations)
  • Atrial Flutter (Diseases & Conditions)
  • Alta Floresta Airport, Alta Floresta, Brazil (Airport Codes)
  • Airports Fiji Limited (Companies & Corporations)
  • Adlabs Films Limited (Companies & Corporations)
  • American Football League (American Football)
  • Abstract Family Of Languages (Programming Languages)
  • American Federation Of Labor (Regional Organizations)
  • Armed Forces Of Liberia (Military)
  • Arena Football League (American Football)
  • Australian Freedom League (Politics)
  • Actresses Franchise League (Regional Organizations)
  • Australian Forest League (Environment & Nature Organizations)
  • Anglicans For Life (Regional Organizations)
  • Application File Locator (Games & Entertainment)
  • Appollo Fibres Limited (Companies & Corporations)
  • American Fight League (Martial Arts)
  • Annamallai Finance Limited (Companies & Corporations)
  • Academy For Leisure (Regional Organizations)
  • Assessment For Learning (Universities & Institutions)
  • Accel Frontline Limited (Companies & Corporations)
  • Anti Federalist League (Politics)
  • Arizona Fall League (Baseball)
  • American Friends Of The Louvre (Arts Associations)
  • Astrobiology Field Laboratory (Astronomy & Space Science)
  • Automatic Fill Limiter (Tech Terms)


  • AFL Full Form in Hindi
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