ARMY Full Form in Hindi

  • Full Form: Alert Regular Mobility Young
  • Category: Defense

आर्मी(ARMY) का फुल फॉर्म

ARMY stands for Alert Regular Mobility Young. ARMY is nothing but a massive organized assemblage of armed personnel, who are given training for fighting mainly on land. The entity is skilled in autonomous actions. It consists of headquarters, multiple corps & auxiliary troops.

Each nation of the world has its own army in some form or the other, who protects their own nation through land warfare if necessary. The three common things among the members of an ARMY troop are passion, strength & consciousness. They stand across the country’s borders day & night for the sake of protecting their country’s people.

ARMY may also comprise aviation-related assets by retaining an Alert Regular Mobility Young aviation component. The ARMY personnel is considered brave as they always jump to protect their country without giving any second thought whenever an emergency arises. In addition to that, they never fear losing their lives in warfare. 

Some Miscellaneous Informations About ‘ARMY’:

The term ‘ARMY’ is originally derived from ‘Armada’, a Latin language, the meaning of which is ‘Armed Force‘. The 1st country in the whole world that had formed its army is none other than India. At present, the country possessing the gigantic army among the entire world is China. 

Nearly 1.6 million troops are present in China, as of 29 January 2020. Also, according to the January 2020 survey, nearly 1,129,000 active soldiers are there in India, which is a country with the 2nd largest army (having 9,60,000 reserve personnel).

Steps For Getting Recruited & Selected In Indian ARMY:

  • The candidate must first check his/her eligibility criteria
  • He/she must then gather or prepare his/her relevant documents
  • He/she must apply online
  • He/she must attend the physical & written tests
  • He/she must go for preliminary interview/Entrance Examination
  • He/she must attend SSB (Service Selection Board) at the Selection center
  • He/she must attend MEB (Medical Examination Board)
  • He/she must see the merit list after it is published & check his/her name/Roll number in it
  • Selected candidates are given the joining letters
  • The selected candidates must report on the due date to the relevant training institution

All Full Forms of ARMY:

you will see all full forms of ARMY in Hindi in the following table. Please note that all definitions are listed in popularity-wise.

  • Adorable Representative MC for Youth (Fan Clubs)
  • Adult Role Models for Youth (Regional Organizations)
  • Af Rejected Me Yesterday (Music)
  • Tda/installation Army (Military and Defence)
  • Arent Ready To Be Marines Yet (Chat & Messaging)
  • Ain’t Ready for Marines Yet (Military and Defence)
  • Atherosclerosis Risk Factors In Male Youngsters (Healthcare)
  • noun: an organized military force equipped for fighting on land (Language & Linguistics)
  • The Operating Army ( Divisions and Corps) (Military and Defence)


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