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अच्छा(BOA) का फुल फॉर्म

BoA or Bank of America is an American multinational banking and financial services corporation. It is the eighth largest bank in the world ranking and the second-largest institution in the case of the United States. It provides services related to investment management, credit cards, mutual funds, private equity, commercial banking, wealth management, etc. The bank has its headquarters in Charlotte, North Carolina. 


The U.S.-based Bank of America was founded in Los Angeles in 1923 and later it was acquired by Bank of Italy of San Francisco. In 1958, the company issued its first credit card named BankAmeriCard. It acquired Fleet Boston Financial Corporation in 2004. By the beginning of the 21st century, over 5500 bank branches are spread across about 20 U. S. states and many other countries worldwide. The U.S. government sued Bank of America in 2013 due to financial fraud reasons. 

Vision and Mission

Bank of America has a goal of being the world’s finest financial services company. The company has a mission to create connections with clients and communities to the resources in order to make financial lives better. 


Consumer Banking- The largest operation of the company is Consumer Banking. It services like investments or lending products and credit cards to consumers. Over 4600 retail financial centers and about 15900 automated teller machines are spread across the US. Also, Bank of America is included in Global ATM Alliance. 

Global Banking

 Global Corporate Banking, Global Investment Banking, and Global Commercial Banking are the parts included in it. It provides banking services, investment and lending services to businesses. 

Global Markets

 Bank of America provides security services, and risk management services in case of trading to the institutional clients. 

Global Wealth and Investment Management- 

This division provides investment assets to individuals and institutions. There are five main lines of business including Premier Banking & Investments, Family Wealth Advisors, Bank of America Specialist and The Private Bank.


1. Who is the CEO of Bank of America?

Ans. Brian Moynihan.

2. What is the minimum balance to keep in a Bank of America account?

Ans. $12 Monthly Maintenance fee for Core Checking Account and $25 Monthly Maintenance fee for Interest Checking Account.

All Full Forms of BOA:

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  • Boniair (Airline Codes)
  • Building Omission Area (Buildings & Landmarks)
  • Bottom Of Atmosphere (Astronomy & Space Science)
  • Barrels of America (Sports)
  • Breakthrough Opportunity Analysis (Accounts and Finance)
  • Broad Ocean Area (Military and Defence)
  • Bush Boake Allen, Inc. (Companies & Corporations)


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