FACTS Full Form in Hindi

  • Full Form: Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems
  • Category: Academic & Science

फैक्ट्स(FACTS) का फुल फॉर्म

FACTS(फैक्ट्स) का मतलब क्या होता है?

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FACTS(फैक्ट्स) का फुलफॉर्म in Academic & Science – Flexible Alternating Current Transmission Systems है

FACTS(फैक्ट्स) के सभी फुलफॉर्म के लिए नीचे दी गई तालिका देखें।

All Full Forms of FACTS:

you will see all full forms of FACTS in Hindi in the following table. Please note that all definitions are listed in popularity-wise.

  • Fantasy Anime Comics Toys Space (Companies & Corporations)
  • Field Accomplishments And Compliance Tracking System (Military)
  • First Atheist Church Of True Science (Religious Organizations)
  • Foreign Assistance Coordination And Tracking System (Policies & Programs)
  • Fully Automated Computer Trading System (Stock Exchange)
  • Foundation Of Automotive And Construction Technology For Students (Educational Organizations)
  • Fipa Agent Communication Technologies and Services (Networking)
  • Free Automated Contest and Tournament Software (Softwares)
  • Fast Automatic Cash Transfer System (Accounts and Finance)
  • Floodway Action Citizens Task Source (Departments & Agencies)
  • Fast Agricultural Communications Terminal System (Robotics & Automation)
  • Fast, Accurate, Clean, Temperature, And Safety (Tech Terms)
  • Fdf Automated Control And Tracking System (Communication)
  • Fortran Analytical Cross Tabulation System (Programming & Development)
  • Federal Agencies Centralized Trial Balance System (Rules & Regulations)
  • First Achievement Cadet Training School (Military and Defence)
  • Florida Academic Counseling And Tracking System (Universities & Institutions)
  • Food And Agriculture Careers In Technology And Science (Conferences & Events)
  • First Aid Cpr Training Services (Companies & Corporations)
  • Fine Art Care Treatment Standards (Professional Associations)
  • Facilities Assets Catalog and Tracking System (Military and Defence)
  • Families Acting for Community Traffic Safety (Regional Organizations)
  • For The Analysis And Comparison Of Tsunami Simulations (Software & Applications)
  • Florida Atlantic Coast Transport Study (History & Geography)
  • Federation Of Australian Commercial Television Stations (Regional Organizations)
  • Families To Amend Californias Three Strikes (Politics)
  • Forward Air Control and Tracking System (Military and Defence)
  • Florida Academic Counseling and Tracking for Students (Websites)
  • Flavor, Aroma, Colour, Temperature, Texture, Shape (Food & Drink)
  • Future Area Control Tools Support (Air Transport)
  • Food And Common Technical Solutions (Regional Organizations)
  • Foreign Access Central Tracking System (Police)


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