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  • Full Form: Looking For Group
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एलएफजी(LFG) का फुल फॉर्म

Looking for Group, renowned as LFG, is a fantasy-based Canadian webcomic. It is written by Ryan Sohmer and drawn by Lar DeSouza. The comic is based on the adventures of an elven hunter named Cale’Anon and an undead warlock named Richard. It was launched on 26th November of 2006. 


Some of the main characters of Looking for Group web-comic are-

  • Cales’Anon Vatay– An elven hunter who was a student of ‘The Beacon of Hope’. He is the central character who learned how to protect innocence from the place mentioned above.
  • Sooba– A large black feline who was originally Shora’s pet. When Short left, she went with Cale to become his all-weather companion.
  • Benn’Joon– A half-breed priestess who was approached by Richard and Cale while seeking a healer. Sometimes, she is referred to as Benny.
  • Richard– A manipulative powerful physically strong warlock who serves as Cale’s character foil.
  • Pella– The only daughter of the commander of the Kethenecian royal guard. She belongs to the clan Breem.
  • Krunch Bloodrage– ‘The warrior or the scholar’ Crunch is the only son of the chief of the blood rage. Krunch was captured by the Legarans on being set free, he adopted Benny as his daughter who called the former ‘old cow’.


Looking for Group received some awards for their outstanding story and visualization- 

  1. The comic was awarded the Joe Shuster Award for Outstanding Canadian Webcomic Creator on 14th June 2008.
  2. Lar DeSouza was awarded the Prix Aurora Award for Artistic Achievement for Looking for Group on 9th August 2009.

Theme Song

LFG has its theme song named ‘Destiny’. The song is composed by Stan Bush and the animation is designed by Blind Ferret Studios.

Spin-Off Comics

  • Tiny Dick Adventures
  • Non-player character


The writer Ryan Sohmer posted a link to a YouTube video on his blog titled “Slaughter your World” which is still available on YouTube

All Full Forms of LFG:

you will see all full forms of LFG in Hindi in the following table. Please note that all definitions are listed in popularity-wise.

  • Lexical Functional Grammar (Language & Linguistics)
  • LOWER HAFLONG (Indian Railway Station)
  • Light Field Gun (Tech Terms)
  • Live Foal Guarantee (Pets & Domesticated)
  • Lowy Family Group (Music)
  • Lost and Found Guy (Job Title)
  • Looking For Guard (Ball Games)
  • Luft Fahrzeug Gesellschaft (Companies & Corporations)
  • Landamerica Financial Group, Inc. (Companies & Corporations)


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