MPCB Full Form in Hindi

  • Full Form: Motor Protection Circuit Breaker
  • Category: Electrical

एमपीसीबी(MPCB) का फुल फॉर्म

Motor Protection Circuit Breaker (MPCB) provides complete control of the motor. MPCB works as an electrochemical device that secures the engine from current overload. When there is an overload of the current, then MPCB disconnects the circuit and protects the connected circuits from the damage from the short circuit.

  • MPCB is primarily used to protect the motor from overload.
  • Overloading in any motor happens due to the overheating of the machine. Due to this, the machine gets a higher value of current which is more than necessary.

Working of the MPCB

Internal coil: This coil helps to detect the incoming current fluctuations. This coil detects high current and low current.

High-sensitive element: This element is located in the bimetal. This highly sensitive element detects the extremely high value of the current that can damage the motor.

There are three types of protection provided by the MPCB

  • Thermal protection guard
  • Phase protection guard
  • Magnetic protection guard

Thermal guards present in the MPCB help in saving the motor from damage due to overload. If there is an excessive current flow, then thermal guards shut down the motor. The tripping of the thermal guard works to save the motor from the unwanted flow of the current.

Phase protectionguard protects the motor from the imbalance created by the voltage fluctuations. The phase guard keeps a check on the incoming voltage, and if there is any fluctuation noted, then the motor gets disconnected from the coming source of the voltage.

The magnetic protection guard takes immediate action on the fault due to the fluctuation in the current. This guard quickly disconnects the motor from the current when it gets the signal of any fault in the regular working of the motor.

The disconnecting of the motor during any irregularity measured by MPCB can be done manually.

All Full Forms of MPCB:

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  • Maharashtra Pollution Control Board (Departments & Agencies)
  • Malaysia Pacific Corporation Berhad (Companies & Corporations)
  • Mauritius Post and Cooperative Bank (Banking)


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