PIC Full Form in Hindi

  • Full Form: Peripheral Interface Controllers
  • Category: Information Technology

चित्र(PIC) का फुल फॉर्म

Peripheral Interface Controller is a microcontroller used in various electronic devices like phones, alarm systems, computer control systems, and embedded systems. It helps in the improvement of I/O operations.

Microchip Technology developed PIC intending to enhance the input/output throughput. It integrates the various types of memory modules and ports.

Architect of PIC

Central Processing Unit

It consists of ALU, accumulator, CU, and MU.

  • ALU takes the logical decision.
  • The memory stores the instruction.
  • CU controls the internal and external peripherals
  • Accumulator accumulates the result.

I/O Ports

It is categorized into five ports – Port A, Port B, Port C, Port D, and Port E

  • Port A operates either input or output based on the Tradoc Intelligence Support Activity.
  • Port B is available to perform both input and output ports.
  • The usage of Port C depends upon the TRISC register.
  • Port D is a slave port to the connection of the microprocessor.
  • Port E serves the additional function of the control signals.

Memory Organization

Memory consists of RAM, ROM, and stack

  • Random Access Memory helps in temporarily storing the data. The two types of RAM are the General purpose register and the special function register.
  • Read-Only memory stores the data permanently. Users can write the program and keep it in ROM for further processing.
  • Stack helps in the processing of interrupts. The help of the address stored in the stack executes the process.

Serial Communication

It sequentially transfers the data through a communication channel. It may use the USART, SPI Protocol, or I2C protocol.


Interrupts are associated with peripherals like ADC and Timers. PIC can have 20 internal interrupts and three external interrupts.


Timers help in generating the accuracy between the actions. It helps in maintaining the time delay between two operations.

All Full Forms of PIC:

you will see all full forms of PIC in Hindi in the following table. Please note that all definitions are listed in popularity-wise.

  • Picture (Chat & Messaging)
  • Partner In Crime (Chat & Messaging)
  • Payment In Cash (Military and Defence)
  • Photo Identity Card (Documents & Certificates)
  • Pacific Island Countries (Countries)
  • PARICHA (Indian Railway Station)
  • Photonic Integrated Circuit (Instruments & Devices)
  • Pune International Centre (Regional Organizations)
  • Permanent Indus Commission (International Orgaizations)
  • Programmable Interrupt Controller (General Computing)
  • Person-In-Charge (Business Management)
  • Prior Informed Consent (Healthcare)
  • Prostitution Information Centre (Regional Organizations)
  • Pilot-In-Command (Air Transport)
  • Petrochemical Industries Company (Companies & Corporations)
  • Pharmacist In Charge (Job Title)
  • Professor In Charge (Universities & Institutions)
  • Position Independent Code (Softwares)
  • Prison Industrial Complex (Police)
  • Punctate Inner Choroidopathy (Diseases & Conditions)
  • Polymorphic Information Content (Internet)
  • Public Investment Corporation (Departments & Agencies)
  • Patent Information Centre (Departments & Agencies)
  • Particle In Cell (Tech Terms)
  • Public Information Campaign (Regional Organizations)
  • Pengerang Integrated Complex (Buildings & Landmarks)
  • Police Information Check (Police)
  • Priority Interrupt Controller (Hardware)
  • Palestinian Information Center (Regional Organizations)
  • Pictorial Inventory of Careers (Job Title)
  • Primer International Corporation (NYSE Symbols)
  • Pacific Islanders In Communications (Regional Organizations)
  • Poultry Industry Council (Animal Welfare)
  • Public Investment Committee (Departments & Agencies)
  • Posterior Insular Cortex (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Potomac Integration And Consulting (Companies & Corporations)
  • Public Information Centre (News)
  • Personal Internet Communicator (Communication)
  • Parque Ibirapuera Conservação (Buildings & Landmarks)
  • Permanent Indus Water Commission (Departments & Agencies)
  • Philippine Independent Church (Religion & Spirituality)
  • Project Implementation Committee (Departments & Agencies)
  • Paramedic In Charge (Titles)
  • Palestine Investment Conference (Conferences & Events)
  • Pacific Islands Club (Regional Organizations)
  • Package Identification Code (General Computing)
  • Performance Indicator Chart (Business Terms)
  • Prime Investors Capital (Business Terms)
  • Premium Income Corporation (Companies & Corporations)
  • Punctate Inner Choroiditis (Diseases & Conditions)
  • Plumbing Industry Council (Professional Associations)
  • Physical Interface Card (Networking)
  • Punjab Institute Of Cardiology (Hospitals)
  • Programmable Integrated Circuit (Electronics)
  • Phoenix Iron Company (Companies & Corporations)
  • Personal Injury Collision (Land Transport)
  • Peotone Intermediate Center (Universities & Institutions)
  • Peace Information Center (Regional Organizations)
  • Plastic Igniter Cord (Electrical)
  • Particulate Inorganic Carbon (Atmospheric Sciences)
  • Pine Cay (Airport Code)
  • Paperboard Industries Corporation (Companies & Corporations)
  • Peace Implementation Council (Politics)
  • Polyethylene Insulated Cable (Computer Hardware)
  • Professional Investment Certificate (Accounts and Finance)
  • Presidential Inaugural Committee (Rules & Regulations)
  • Plan Inclusive Counterplan (Military and Defence)
  • Press Information Center (Military and Defence)
  • Pastor In Charge (Religion & Spirituality)
  • Police Integrity Commission (Departments & Agencies)
  • Pyro Ignition Control (Space Science)
  • Pacific International Cup (Sports Events)
  • Persons In Custody (Hospitals)
  • Public And Indian Housing Information Center (Governmental Organizations)
  • Phase Impenetrability Condition (Electrical)
  • Photographic Intelligence Center (Military)
  • Preliminary Interfaces Certification (Military and Defence)
  • Pyrotechnic Initiator Controller (Space Science)
  • Professional Interest Committee (Job Title)
  • Project For Intertemporal Communication (Regional Organizations)
  • Panama Interceptor Com¬Mand (Military)
  • Photographers Identity Catalog (Websites)
  • Prime Integration Contract (Courses)
  • Preparation Of Industrial Careers (Courses)
  • Prosecution And Investigation Commission (Departments & Agencies)
  • Philippine Information Council (Regional Organizations)
  • Precision Instrument Center (Astronomy & Space Science)
  • Pine Cay Airport, Pine Cay, Turks And Caicos Islands (Airport Codes)
  • Parent Indicator Code (Military and Defence)
  • Programmed Image Control (Communication)
  • Public Inter College (Universities & Institutions)
  • Panification Industrielle Christian (Companies & Corporations)
  • Precision Ion Chamber (Physics Related)
  • Political Institutions Committees (Departments & Agencies)
  • Peace Initiative Committee (Regional Organizations)
  • Peer Interactive Communication (Internet)
  • Produzione Intercontinentale Cinematografica (Companies & Corporations)
  • Pacific Intercontinental College (Universities & Institutions)
  • Personal Information Connection (Job Title)
  • Macintosh Black & White Pict1 Or Color Pict2 File (File Type)
  • Performance Investment Corporation (Companies & Corporations)
  • Processor Interface Chip (Hardware)
  • Pragatisheel Indira Congress (Politics)
  • Polyethylene Insulated Conductor (Electrical)
  • Pictor Page Format (File Type)
  • Principal Interexchange Carrier (Business Terms)
  • Microchip Pic Line Of Micro Controllers (Companies & Corporations)
  • Pro Intermediary Carrier (Companies & Corporations)
  • Pre Subscribed Interexchange Carrier (Communication)
  • Persistent Inward Current (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Project Identification Code (Automotive)
  • Pesticides In International Trade (Food & Drink)
  • Punch Invalid Character (Computer Assembly Language)
  • Pre-installation Checkout (Space Science)
  • Popular Independence Committee (Regional Organizations)
  • Public Information Circular (Departments & Agencies)
  • Pacific Improvement Company (Companies & Corporations)
  • Pilot Interference Cancellation (Airplanes & Aircraft)
  • Professional Interfraternity Conference (Conferences & Events)
  • Polyolefin Insulated Conductor (Electrical)
  • Parliamentary Investment Committee (Departments & Agencies)
  • Person Identification Code (Military and Defence)
  • Philosophy, Interpretation, And Culture (Courses)
  • Parent Interaction Committee (Departments & Agencies)
  • Programmable Interval Clock (Space Science)
  • People In Conservation (Environment & Nature Organizations)
  • Policy Institute Committee (Regional Organizations)
  • Pacing In Cardiomyopathy (Diseases & Conditions)
  • Personality Inventory For Children (Psychology)
  • Persistence In Combat (Military and Defence)
  • Pyro Initiator Capacitor (Space Science)
  • Private Industry Councils (Firms & Organizations)
  • Pre Initiation Complexes (Biochemistry)
  • Population Investigation Committee (Medical Organizations)
  • Public Integrity Council (Departments & Agencies)
  • Pakistan International Championships (Sports & Recreation Organizations)
  • Practical Intelligence Course (Courses)
  • Payload Integration Center (Space Science)
  • Personal Instant Communications (Telecommunication)
  • Pc Paint Image Format (Electronics)
  • Pioneers In Control (Military and Defence)
  • Payload Integration Committee (Space Science)
  • Pixar Picture File (File Type)
  • Paid Incurred Chain (Business Terms)
  • Primewater Infrasture Corp. (Companies & Corporations)
  • Petrochemical Industries Co. (Companies & Corporations)
  • Primary / Presubscribed Interexchange Carrier (Computer and Networking)


  • PIC Full Form in Hindi
  • PIC Ka Full Form
  • PIC ka full form kya hai

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