TC Full Form in Hindi

  • Full Form: Transfer Certificate
  • Category: Education

टीसी(TC) का फुल फॉर्म

The Full form of TC is Transfer Certificate. Made up your mind to take a transfer from your current institution? But at the same time, not sure about the documents required for it? Well, for taking a transfer, you would need the TC.

To Know what does TC stands for, it’s important, how to request a TC through this article. After you get a TC from the institution you were a part of, there won’t be any problem transferring to any future institutions.

What does TC stand for?

TC full form is Transfer Certificate which is a written document by the authorities of the in-charge institution. The document states the approval of transfer for the student who has asked for it.

In the statement, necessary information relating to the students was added. like the date of birth of the student, year of passing, course details, parents’ details, and other related information.

On an interesting note, a transfer certificate is not particularly required for joining different institutions. If a student thinks of joining the same institution for higher degrees, then also he or she will require the transfer certificate. For example, after completing a B.Tech course, if he wants to join for an course then also he will require the transfer certificate.

How to get a TC before the completion of the course?

Even if your course is not completed but still you wish to take your transfer, then also you can take your transfer. For that case, you have to apply for a Transfer Certificate (TC). In the Transfer Certificate application, you can include the following points

1. The reason why you need the transfer.

In the TC application, you have to inform on a clear note about the reason for your wish to ask for the transfer. The reasons have to be genuine like if you have got admission to another academic course, you can mention that reason.

2. Mention the vitality of the transfer.

In your TC request, don’t forget to explain the importance of your transfer certificate. Request the teacher or the principal to issue the certificate within the stipulated time frame. It is only after explaining the need of yours, that they can take the task of issuing certificates seriously.

3. Show the proof of your admission to other institutions.

For applying for the transfer certificate, with your application, you have to attach the related admission documents of the joining institution. You can submit their enrollment form, application form admission confirmation form, etc.

How does a transfer certificate application look like?

The example format of Transfer Certificate (TC full form) was given below:


The head (principal )

Address of the school. 

Date of application. 

Subject- Applying for transfer certificate. 


With due respect, I hereby request to issue my transfer certificate from this institution, because my father got a transfer in Kerala. By the next month, we are expected to move to Kerala. So, it would be a great help if you kindly issue the certificate by the end of this month. 


Yours faithfully,


Class and roll no. 

Importance of Transfer certificate?

As the name suggests, for successfully getting admission to another institution, you definitely would require a transfer certificate. The basic purpose of the Transfer Certificate is that it guarantees that you don’t join multiple institutions at the same point in time. Other than that, it makes you free from the charges of any further dues from the institution you are going to take a leave.

Are there any charges taken for the Transfer certificate?

Not all institutions charge fees for issuing transfer certificates. But some prove educational institutions charge a nominal fee for issuing transfer certificates. The charges are not more than five hundred rupees in most cases. However, that also is subject to variation with different institutions.

Are Transfer certificates and Migration certificates the same?

Some people often confuse Transfer Certificates and migration certificates. But they differ from each other to quite an extent. The transfer certificate is issued for a student when he completes a degree and wants to pursue a higher degree either in the same institution or in a different institution. TC is necessary for students for taking admission within the same state or in the institutions of other states.

A migration certificate is mainly needed for students when they wish to join any other state’s institution. They require so, only when they leave a particular institution not when they would continue for a higher degree in the same institution.

Documents required for transfer certificate?

Some of the documents you are expected to present for the transfer certificate are-

  • The last course certificate if you are higher degrees.
  • Relevant last exam mark sheet.
  • Proof of fees clearance.
  • Library no dues slip.
  • Proof of joining another institution like the final application form.


Thus, through this article, you got to know about what does TC stands for! It’s the significance and basic format on how to write a TC application. It’s is after you get your TC that another institution agrees with your admission. So, clear all your dues from the previous institution and request the authorities to issue your TC.

All Full Forms of TC:

you will see all full forms of TC in Hindi in the following table. Please note that all definitions are listed in popularity-wise.

  • Tata Capital (Banking)
  • Take Care (Messaging)
  • Teal Color (Architecture & Constructions)
  • Terracotta (Architecture & Constructions)
  • Thermocouple (Space Science)
  • Tubby Cat (Games & Entertainment)
  • The Calling (News)
  • Tissue Culture (Biology)
  • Ticket Checkers (Business Terms)
  • Testicular Cancer (Diseases & Conditions)
  • Tropical Cyclone (Astronomy & Space Science)
  • Thermal Conductivity (Physics Related)
  • TechCrunch (Websites)
  • Tai Chi (Sports)
  • Telecommunications (Space Science)
  • Toilet Cleaner (Food & Drink)
  • Critical Temperature (Chemistry)
  • Trinamool Congress (Politics)
  • Turbocharger (Automotive)
  • Temperature Conversion (Units)
  • Training Center (Astronomy & Space Science)
  • Test Case (Computer and Networking)
  • The Chosen (Services)
  • Tesla Coil (Electronics)
  • Thyroid Cancer (Diseases & Conditions)
  • Temperature Controlled (Chemistry)
  • Trauma Centre (Hospitals)
  • Thin Client (Networking)
  • Torque Converter (Engineering)
  • Traction Control (Automotive)
  • Tender Chicken (News)
  • Transportation Company (Land Transport)
  • Total Cholesterol (Tests)
  • Total Cost (Accounts and Finance)
  • Travellers Cheques (Banking)
  • Timing Chains (Automotive)
  • Telephone Call (Telecommunication)
  • Target Cell (Communication)
  • Target Costing (Accounts and Finance)
  • Technical Communication (Language & Linguistics)
  • Technology Consultant (Job Title)
  • Air Tanzania (Airline Codes)
  • Temperature Coefficient (Units)
  • Tiger Cat (Military and Defence)
  • Technetium (Chemistry)
  • Thiruvananthapuram Corporation (Departments & Agencies)
  • Time Constant (Electronics)
  • Ticket-Collector (Rail Transport)
  • Type Code (Military and Defence)
  • Tungsten Carbide (Chemistry)
  • Type Classification (Military and Defence)
  • Trade Certificate (Banking)
  • Touring Car (Automotive)
  • Tennis Club (Sports & Recreation Organizations)
  • Top Cop (Job Title)
  • Tin Can (Military and Defence)
  • Total Commander (Softwares)
  • Traffic Control (Land Transport)
  • Transverse Colon (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Turks and Caicos Islands (Country Names)
  • Testosterone Cypionate (Laboratory)
  • Thread Count (Messaging)
  • Time Check (Computer Assembly Language)
  • Trailer Car (Rail Transport)
  • Transitive Closure (Maths)
  • Thermal Cycling (Tech Terms)
  • Type Certification (Security)
  • Team Captain (Basketball)
  • Therapeutic Community (Healthcare)
  • Thecal Cell (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Teachers Certificate (Courses)
  • Test Control (Electronics)
  • Transport Commissioner (Departments & Agencies)
  • Time Charter (Shipping)
  • Tracking Camera (Space Science)
  • Transaction Code (General Computing)
  • Top Cap (Stock Exchange)
  • Training Command (Military)
  • Tendered Contract (Business Terms)
  • Title Card (Stationery)
  • Too Cute (Messaging)
  • Tidal Current (Military and Defence)
  • Time Code (Tech Terms)
  • Telecine (Tech Terms)
  • Transport Corporation (Firms & Organizations)
  • Telus Corporation (TSX)
  • Tennis Coach (Job Title)
  • Tough Cookie (Messaging)
  • Technical Committee (Computer and Networking)
  • True Conjugate (Maths)
  • Territorial Constituency (Politics)
  • Tuna Casserole (Food & Drink)
  • Troop Carrier (Air Transport)
  • Technology Center (Research & Development)
  • Transparent Clock (Instruments & Devices)
  • Temporary Change (Rules & Regulations)
  • Ternary Complex (Mathematics)
  • Throat Culture (Tests)
  • Travelling Crane (Land Transport)
  • Total Coliforms (Biology)
  • Textual Criticism (Language & Linguistics)
  • Trail Commission (Departments & Agencies)
  • Transporter Classification (Viruses & Bacteria)
  • Too Cool (Messaging)
  • Total Communication (Business Terms)
  • Total Calcium (Laboratory)
  • Theoretical Chemistry (Chemistry)
  • Transportation Coordinator (Military and Defence)
  • Tom Clark (Celebrities & Famous)
  • The Crossover (Basketball)
  • Total Conversion (Military and Defence)
  • Technology Component (Business Terms)
  • Turn Coordinator (Business Terms)
  • Thigh Circumference (Sports)
  • Tango Color (Display & Graphics)
  • Thermal Control (Space Science)
  • Tariff Commission (Departments & Agencies)
  • Transportation Center (Buildings & Landmarks)
  • Transport Committee (Departments & Agencies)
  • Transform Coding (Communication)
  • Transit Corridor (Buildings & Landmarks)
  • Top Celeb (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Thats Cool (Chat & Messaging)
  • Terror Cat (Air Transport)
  • Temperature Characteristic (Electrical)
  • Technical Component (Electronics)
  • Temporal Cortex (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Transmission Control (Military and Defence)
  • To Contain (Language & Linguistics)
  • True Christians (Religious Organizations)
  • Top Contributor (Titles)
  • Telecom Commission’ (Departments & Agencies)
  • Tank Commander (Games & Entertainment)
  • Transportation Corps (Military and Defence)
  • Traditionalist Catholics (Religion & Spirituality)
  • Trellis Coded (Computer and Networking)
  • Target Concept (Military and Defence)
  • Tribal Council (Conferences & Events)
  • Traffic Class (Air Transport)
  • Transactions On Computers (Journals & Publications)
  • Transit Centers (Land Transport)
  • Transcription Complex (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Tactical Control (Games & Entertainment)
  • Turnover Commission (Banking)
  • Technical Council (Medical Organizations)
  • Total Confusion (Military and Defence)
  • Traffic Citation (Police)
  • Topology Control (Networking)
  • Trinity Cross (Religion & Spirituality)
  • Tripartite Commission (Documents & Certificates)
  • Total Carbon (Chemistry)
  • Training Circular (Military and Defence)
  • Telecommand (Space Science)
  • Tax Court (Law & Legal)
  • Technical Cooperation (Policies & Programs)
  • Troop Commander (Military)
  • Thrust Chamber (Space Science)
  • Telecommunications Specialist (Military)
  • Terminal Count (Communication)
  • Total Colonoscopy (Treatments & Procedures)
  • Thomas Charles (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Temporary Contemporary (Architecture & Constructions)
  • Trisha Catherine (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Terry Christian (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Technical Contact (Sports)
  • Toxicity Characteristic (Biochemistry)
  • Teflon Composite (Tech Terms)
  • Top Of Curb (Rail Transport)
  • Target Concentration (Healthcare)
  • Tropical Chicken (Pets & Domesticated)
  • Tze Chiang (Language & Linguistics)
  • Taurid Complex (Astronomy & Space Science)
  • Trailblazers Championship (Racing Sports)
  • Territorial Commander (Military)
  • Timothy Club (Educational Organizations)
  • Tauren Chieftain (Games & Entertainment)
  • Tissue Contraction (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Thematic Cluster (Books)
  • Talamban Campus (Courses)
  • Top Cabrio (Automotive)
  • Transport Canberra (Land Transport)
  • Tekken Central (Sports)
  • Theoretical Cryptography (Courses)
  • Trenton Catholic (Universities & Institutions)
  • Tickle Club (Music)
  • Tiny Chris (Music)
  • Two Clusters (Language & Linguistics)
  • Test Conductor (Space Science)
  • The Times Courier (News)
  • Thomas Claiborne (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Traceability Code (Space Science)
  • Tour Chrome (Sports)
  • Too Cynical (Messaging)
  • Tactical Computer (Military and Defence)
  • Termcap (File Type)
  • True Crew (Sports)
  • Total Chances (Baseball)
  • Thomas Cicero (Awards)
  • Terrain Camera (Instruments & Devices)
  • Totally Clueless (Messaging)
  • Transmission Customer (Companies & Corporations)
  • Tax Convention (Law & Legal)
  • Tamar Cruising (News)
  • Theodore Carl (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Tone Cabinet (Instruments & Devices)
  • Transmission Convergence (Physics Related)
  • Thiokol Corporation (Space Science)
  • Tough Cat (Music)
  • Thomas Cal (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Territorial Control (Airplanes & Aircraft)
  • Transparent Chennai (Regional Organizations)
  • Tab Crawler (Softwares)
  • Turbo Compound (Automotive)
  • Thelma Catherine (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Tyler Craig (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Teresa Claire (Companies & Corporations)
  • Tarsocrural (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Thoracic Circumference (Other Games)
  • Tarcutta (Railway Station Codes)
  • Tom Cardwell (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Tom Carnase (Rail Transport)
  • Tamara Cole (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Treacherous Computing (Movies & Film)
  • Transport Capacity (Terms)
  • Tonne Of Carbon (Units)
  • Technical Commission (Music)
  • Toll Center (Land Transport)
  • Transportation Corps (army) (Military and Defence)
  • Transition Component (Military and Defence)
  • Turismo Carretera (Automotive)
  • Telecommunications Closet (Computer and Networking)
  • Transnational Committee (Regional Organizations)
  • HF Technical Committee Human Factor (ETSI) (Computer and Networking)
  • Transcend Christ (Religion & Spirituality)
  • Totally Crunchy (Websites)
  • Trailer Composite (Tech Terms)
  • Transitive Consonant (Language & Linguistics)
  • Two Catalyst (Companies & Corporations)
  • Topic Centric (Messaging)
  • Tabanis College (Universities & Institutions)
  • Tuple Classification (Maths)
  • Temperature Compensating (Space Science)
  • Terrestrial Class (Space Science)
  • Tobias Christopher (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Thresheld Convergence (Astronomy & Space Science)
  • Traditionalist Communion (Religion & Spirituality)
  • Treatment Coefficient (Healthcare)
  • SP Technical Committee Speech Processing (Computer and Networking)
  • Taller Collell (Companies & Corporations)
  • Trans Canada (Land Transport)
  • Traffic Categories (Land Transport)
  • Tunnel Coordinates (Military and Defence)
  • Tiemco Cut (Sports)
  • Typhus Commission (Medical Organizations)
  • Tusculum College (Universities & Institutions)
  • Transaction Capabilities (Computer and Networking)
  • Turbo C Configuration File (File Type)
  • Texarkana College (Universities & Institutions)
  • Tramtrack Croydon (Rail Transport)
  • Time To Circular (Space Science)
  • Teachers’ College (Educational Institute)
  • Turbo Convolutional (Computer and Networking)
  • Test Comprehensiveness (Military and Defence)
  • Turks and Caicos Islands (TLD) (Domain Names (TLD))
  • Transcribing Complex (Anatomy & Physiology)
  • Centre Thickness (Architecture & Constructions)
  • Togoland Congress (Religious Organizations)
  • Teachers College (Educational Institute)
  • Trans Cis (Chemistry)
  • Tierra Comunera (Politics)
  • Terminating Channel (Telecommunication)
  • Traffic Constables (Police)
  • Transmit Clock And/or Telemetry Combiner (Military and Defence)
  • AT Technical Committee Access and Terminals (ETSI) (Computer and Networking)
  • Transport Convergence (Networking)
  • Tallbot College (Educational Institute)
  • Temporary Correction (Networking)
  • Terencia Coward (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Tyrus Cassius (Celebrities & Famous)
  • Transition Coordination (Technological Organizations)
  • Tongue Closure (Treatments & Procedures)
  • Toxin Complex (Viruses & Bacteria)
  • Taunus Cortina (Railway Station Codes)
  • Timely Cycle (Electronics)
  • Temperature Controller (Computer Hardware)
  • Techno Components (Companies & Corporations)
  • Tucows Inc. (Events)
  • Temperature Control (Physics Related)
  • Temperature Compensated (Chemistry)
  • Thailand Capital Fund, Inc. (Banking)
  • Tom Collins (Uncategorized)
  • Target Completion (Uncategorized)


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